Saturday 11 de July de 2020

General Organization


Primary School operating hours:
From 8:15 to 12:30 and from 13:45 to 16:30.

School Cafeteria: this service is provided by the school, students may stay for lunch or they may bring their own. There are two shifts; the first one at 12.30 and the second one at 13.10.

On Thursday afternoon 1st and 2nd graders do not attend school.

Kindergarten has two shifts. Morning shift – Afternoon shift
The morning shift is from 9 to 12.
The afternoon shift is 14 to 17.

Four-year-olds extend the school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 9 to 16,30), and five-year-olds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (from 9 to 16,30) since they start with English classes during out-of-school hours. They also have the possibility to have lunch at the School Cafeteria located in the Primary School building.

On Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon they go to Club de Amigos for their Physical Education lessons.



The School uniform is a blue jogging suit: piping pants and a sweatshirt with Amapola logo, and a white polo T-shirt with Amapola logo. Optional, from 4th grade, a blue skirt with school badge or the blue pants and the piping blue V-neck sweater. In all cases, trainers must be white, black or brown.

For Physical Education, the prescribed uniform is the blue jogging suit in winter and blue shorts and the white T-Shirt with Amapola logo in summer.

The school uniform may be purchased in “Casa PROCER”, Salguero 1880 – Tel. 4823-5845.


Sports Field

The Physical Education Department offers different activities that allow students to enjoy physical activities and sports, developing their motor skills.

Physical Education is performed twice a week. There is a weekly class at school during the morning shift to stimulate coordination and motor skills. There is a second class in the afternoon shift when kids are taken to the Sports Field – Club de Amigos- where the kids will be engaged in sports and athletic activities such as football, hockey, basketball, handball and athletics.



We highly recommend hiring transport operators with authorized vehicles.

If parents organize car-pools, they must submit the list of members and specify who is responsible for the transfer to the School Secretary.