Saturday 11 de July de 2020

Facing the celebrations of Amapola’s 40th anniversary we realized that memories are an indivisible part of our education. Therefore, we decided to celebrate by giving away some of those memories Amapola has helped to create.

Our history at school includes images, objects, patriotic songs, notebooks, cookies, the trademark “dental” or any fashionable toy, together with the dictation, the first accounts, maps, the raising of the flag and many other things. Our own history, maybe similar to those of many others, those of a whole generation of Argentineans. The book “Cuaderno de Clase” contains the space given by each of us to that country which means our own childhood.

In 1999, 2000 and 2001 we published a magazine called “Reflejos de Amapola”. Those publications with their notes and photos tried to be a reflection of the everyday world in Amapola Kindergarten and Primary School.